November 12, 2019 | 6:00PM

SPECIAL GUESTS  – Invitados especiales

Alejandro Ramírez Corona, film director – (Pic: Informador.Mx)

2019 Ariel Award Nominated actor: Baltimore Beltrán (Pic: Moral Vidal Talent Agency).

Other Screenings

MOVIE: Mente Revólver  (2017) |  DIRECTOR: Alejandro Ramírez | Rating:  NA

SYNOPSIS: Chicali has entered the hired killer business, he wants to drop it, even when he knows that he who tries, dies. Mario, convicted to jail time for killing presidential candidate, comes out of prison after 20 years, to rebuild his life, which hangs between the historic fame and the search of anonymity. Jenny is an American homeless and decides to cross the border to Mexico in order to change her living. Jenny falls in love with young Chicali, who has now received the assignment of killing Mario.

CAST: Baltimore Beltran (2019 Ariel nomination for Best Actor), Paul Hertel, Adolfo MaderaHoze Meléndez (2019 Ariel nomination for Best Supporting Actor), Bella Merlin, Michael Ray.

COUNTRY: Mexico | United States |  LANGUAGE: English | Spanish | RELEASE DATE: 06/01/2017-USA |  AKA: Revolver Mind | OFFICIAL TRAILER